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What we have to offer.

Accommodations with self sufficiency for up to eight persons.
Our chef, Max Ivan Lindkjølen, renowned for preparing wild game, is ready to prepare a group feast made by exquisite meats as elk, deer, game fowl, trout and cloudberry, all the while giving accomplished food preparation tips to our guests. You are guaranteed a high quality culinary experience. Chef Lindekjølen can also cater ready made wild game meals for groups. These meals must be ordered in advance.  
In summer, we provide a guided tour of our smoke sauna (savosauna), which is the only one of its kind known to exist. The sauna has a very special construction with a double smoke oven for combined use which performs several functions. The building is built within the tradition and heritage that stems from the Finnskog-Finns. The sauna is the only one of this type with the oven intact. There are no conclusive evidence indicating when the sauna was built; however, Carl Axel Godtlund writes in his journals that he enjoyed a steam bath in the sauna together with people at Nedre Øieren farm in 1821.
In summer, we provide guided tours of the pillar storehouse which has been remodeled to a farm museum, exhibiting the life of nine generations on the farm.





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Nedre Øieren Gård
Address: Rugbråtavegen 63, NO-2218 Lundersæter
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